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Literacy Websites

Unite for Literacy

Click the book that you would like to have read to you!  To have the book read in another language, click "Narration" in the top left corner.  A list will appear where you can choose your preferred language.


Turtle Diary

Click on grade level or a subject category!  There are options to choose from including puzzles, games, phonics, sports, and stories!


Story Bird

Create a login for students to enjoy creating their own stories!


Henry Anker 

This website is perfect for any learning activity.  Just click the specific grade level and choose among a variety of activities and levels.



Ocean and Ocean Animal Life

Click on a link below to research your ocean animal! Website:

National Geographic Website:

Monterey Bay Aquarium Website:

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute of Oceanography (USCD) Website:

NeoK12 Website:

Animal Discovery/Wild Kingdom:

Comprehension: I understand what I read.

Readers should be able to tell 

  • who the story is about 
  • where the story is happening
  • what is occuring in the reading
  • when the story is taking place
  • how story events are happening
  • why are the events occurring or the characters are acting a certain way


Reading Strategies

  • Use Prior Knowledge 
    • What do you already know about the topic?
  • Visualize
    • Can you draw a picture of what is happening in the story?  What does it look like, feel like, and sound like?
  • Make Predictions
    • Can you think of what may happen next in the story?
  • Make Inferences
    • What do you think the author isn't telling you?
  • Summarize
    • What do you remember reading about the story?

Accuracy: I can read the words


  • Point to the words as you read.
  • Sound out the word
    • use beginning and end sounds
    • look at the letters
  • Skip the word, then go back
  • Match the word to the picture

Fluency: I can read the words with expression.

Helpful Tips

  • Read the way the narrator or the character would talk
  • Take a breath at a punctuation mark
  • Reading should sound like talking. ​